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Submitted By Oytun - HPY005
On - 04/10/2014
Newest Pilots
HPY326 Umut Özlü VQPR Turkey
HPY325 Burak Korul VQPR Turkey
HPY321 Ufuk Özdemir VQPR Turkey
HPY053 Ahmet Haşim Aslan VQPR Turkey
HPY052 Gökhan Yıldız VQPR Turkey
Total Pilots: 18
Total Flights: 3,266
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Flight Hours: 5,979 hrs
Total Fuel Burned: 32,735,939 kgs
Total Flight Miles: 2,602,212 nm
September Top Pilots
Most Flights Flown
HPY004Murat Özdemir4
HPY002Kıvanç Köseoğlu1
HPY005Oytun Akçay1
Most Hours Flown
HPY004Murat Özdemir3 hrs
HPY005Oytun Akçay3 hrs
HPY002Kıvanç Köseoğlu1 hrs
Most Miles Flown
HPY004Murat Özdemir1325 nm
HPY005Oytun Akçay4893 nm
HPY002Kıvanç Köseoğlu81 nm
September Top Landings
Pilot Aircraft Arrival V/S Date
MuratA319-100LOWS-29 ft/m01/09
KıvançB737-800NSTU-72 ft/m02/09
Ahmet HaşimB737-800LGIR-125 ft/m04/09
OytunB777-200LRRJGG-183 ft/m03/09
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Live Flights
Latest Flights
Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/H Submit Date Status
HPY2059 LTBA LGIR B737-800 01.31.57 Ahmet Haşim Aslan -125 ft/min 04/09/2015 Doors Opened
HPY2061 PAEN PAJN A319-100 01.26.42 Murat Özdemir -101 ft/min 03/09/2015 Doors Opened
HPY2058 LOWW RJGG B777-200LR 03.35.16 Oytun Akçay -183 ft/min 03/09/2015 Doors Opened
HPY1723 NSFA NSTU B737-800 00.50.35 Kıvanç Köseoğlu -72 ft/min 02/09/2015 Doors Opened
HPY2060 NSFA NSTU A319-100 00.41.19 Murat Özdemir -114 ft/min 02/09/2015 Doors Opened
HPY438 LTAC LTCG A319-100 00.24.40 Murat Özdemir -83 ft/min 02/09/2015 Doors Opened
HPY2057 LYTV LOWS A319-100 01.22.19 Murat Özdemir -29 ft/min 01/09/2015 Doors Opened
HPY2053 FIMP VRMM B777-200LR 04.33.30 Ufuk Özdemir -438 ft/min 31/08/2015 Doors Opened
HPY2055 LTAC URSS B737-800 01.21.18 Ahmet Haşim Aslan -188 ft/min 31/08/2015 Doors Opened
HPY2054 LGKR LTFE B737-800 01.32.46 Murat Özdemir -96 ft/min 31/08/2015 Doors Opened
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HPY053 Ahmet Haşim Aslan has filed a PIREP from LTBA to LGIR View Flight Report

HPY004 Murat Özdemir has filed a PIREP from PAEN to PAJN View Flight Report

HPY005 Oytun Akçay has filed a PIREP from LOWW to RJGG View Flight Report

HPY002 Kıvanç Köseoğlu has filed a PIREP from NSFA to NSTU View Flight Report

HPY004 Murat Özdemir has filed a PIREP from NSFA to NSTU View Flight Report

HPY004 Murat Özdemir has filed a PIREP from LTAC to LTCG View Flight Report

HPY321 Ufuk Özdemir has been promoted to Captain!

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Call Sign: Happy Wings
New Website
published on Nov 16th 2014
Dear Happy Wingers,   We are very proud to present the Happy Wings' new website.  ...
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İstanbul Meeting&Photos
published on May 5th 2014
Dear Happy Wingers, You can find our İstanbul Meeting photos' under  Meeting menu.  ...
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Taxi2Gate LTBA Atatürk Airport
published on Mar 8th 2014
The Atatürk International airport has been released from Taxi2Gate. You can check it the details from: ...
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